About Pinnacle Appliance Distributors


The Pinnacle Appliance Distributors’ Difference

  • Pinnacle Appliance is a licensed contractor.
  • We have our own in-house installation crews.
  • Over 15 years of experience in the appliance business with the same principal owner.


Work Quality & Safety

  • All Pinnacle Appliance installation crews are led by foremen with 10-20 years of appliance installation experience.
  • Prior to job commencement, a Pinnacle Appliance foreman performs inspections to ensure that other trades (i.e. plumbers, electricians, cabinets) have complied with the appliance manufacturer’s cut-sheet specifications.
  • Our installation crews have a very low turnover rate.
  • The same crew will work on a given project from start to finish, ensuring consistent, uniform work and familiarity with the project.
  • Pinnacle Appliance crews use only braided stainless steel lines on all refrigerator and dishwasher installations.
  • Our inventory is delivered on 53’ trailers to reduce our unloading time, allowing the rest of the project to continue flowing smoothly.
  • All of our installation equipment is UL listed.
  • If and when it is needed, we use floor protection to prevent damage to the work of other trades.
  • We keep and maintain a full installation log for detailed accountability.
  • Pinnacle Appliance keeps and maintains a testing log for each and every appliance installed on a project.
  • We proactively inspect for and address any damaged product in advance of the builder’s punch list inspection.


Work Environment Safety

  • All of our installers are certified OSHA-10 or higher.
  • Our installers perform self-inspections to check for gas and water leaks.
  • When elevators are not available, Pinnacle Appliance owns and uses, when appropriate, stair climbers to avoid injuries as well as costly damage to product as well as work already completed by other trades.


Service and Follow-Through

  • Pinnacle Appliance arranges complimentary sales training for higher-end products.
  • Our office staff is always available and customer service meets the highest of expectations.
  • An experienced staff that can help to trouble-shoot big or small issues.
  • Pinnacle Appliance assists with initial warranty service requests.